Writing after reading challenge

         Suddenly I  thought why not just read a single page from a book at our office lobby. Inspired from the medium article I have been started the habit of duolingo learning Hindi daily for the past 9 days. A few days ago I was overwhelmed by my desirable habits like running/physical exercise, writing(blog, diary), upgrading technical skills(edx course, code kata), House chores and so on. One of the very medium article's takeaway points is focus on one habit. When it becomes a habit, we can work on to start a new habit. I cannot be contended with. "Read a Page" habit is so attractive the way he described it. So I took the book "An Era of Darkness" from the shelf of office lobby.
       Jeyamohan has told in lot places that writing what we have read is very useful to assimilate the knowledge or to do thinking. I take that writing is actually part of reading itself. So I decided to write after reading a page #Read_a_Page. I googled to get some idea to do it. It might seem ridiculous as the task is very obvious one. But google helped me indeed. I going to maintain a reading jounal thanks to this. And decided to write my reflections after reading every 10 page. another recursively secret is I am going to read 10 pages daily. I took the idea of writing after every 10 pages from here.  This page lists the advantages of writing your reflections after reading. One advantage "pattern recognition" really attracts me.